Experienced Dallas Attorney Develops Comprehensive Strategies to Resolve Complex Legal Issues

Responsive Texas litigator handles a range of business law, civil litigation and civil rights matters

Whether a legal issue affects your business or you personally, getting an efficient and favorable outcome is critical to your long-term interests. At Wright Legal Services, PLLC in Dallas, I represent clients throughout Texas in a range of legal matters, including business law, civil litigation and civil rights matters, and am skilled at formulating and implementing effective strategies that get results. With 15 years of experience, I am an astute negotiator and litigator who has a deep understanding of multiple areas of the law. Whether you need to enforce a contract, sue for defective construction or pursue a civil rights claim, I will determine your best legal options and keep you involved during all stages of your case.

Creative advocate delivers attentive and dedicated representation to Texas residents and businesses

As a seasoned civil litigator, I help my clients resolve their issues in the following practice areas:

  • Business law — A company’s ability to successfully operate is often reliant upon receiving reliable and practical legal advice. I help companies of all sizes with business law issues, including business and commercial litigation, construction law and construction litigation matters.
  • Civil rights claims — If you believe you experienced unfair or discriminatory treatment at the hands of a police officer, correctional officer or other state actor, filing a civil rights claim is often the best way to enforce your rights and obtain just compensation. I am committed to holding the responsible parties accountable in these situations and will fight for justice.
  • Personal injury — Serious accident-related injuries can substantially affect all areas of your life. If you were injured in on someone else's premises accident or hurt by a defective product, I can help you obtain compensation.
  • Copyright infringement — I represent clients who have had their intellectual property unlawfully used in copyright infringement actions.
  • Criminal defense — If you have been charged with a crime, I will challenge the prosecution’s case against you in pursuit of a reduction of charges or an acquittal.

A knowledgeable attorney knows which issues are important and how to overcome obstacles when they arise. I understand how to approach even the most complex of cases and will take decisive action to protect your rights and pursue your goals.

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At Wright Legal Services, PLLC, I represent clients throughout Texas in a wide range of legal issues, including business litigation, civil litigation and civil rights violations. Please call (214) 971-8134 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Dallas office.